vst_VLCC-tanker-deckVST provides full technical and commercial management for Tankers (both CPP or DPP), LPG Carriers, and Dry bulk Vessels alike. We are a fully integrated, well financed and a properly managed international shipping, logistics and trading company.

VST continues to follow an aggressive method of adaptation in its chartering strategies, while in parallel, maintaining a balance of longer period charters and spot employments to ensure cash flow and stability, hence, allowing us the opportunity to consider possible market trends with an immediate responsive chartering strategy to adapt and accommodate varying market conditions.

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Our goal, is to continue to solidify and maintain our long-term customer base, and further add to our core clientele whilst strategically positioningourselves in the market-place to generate and develop new business and grow sustainable revenues, while simultaneously limiting counterparty risk. VST will sustain to further increase its strong commercial relationships with charterers and trading companies and create trading opportunities irrespective of market conditions in the dry bulk and tanker sectors, as well as physical commodities.  We are therefore in a position to care for any shipping requirement that our clients may have.

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