Commercial, Operational and Technical Management

VST takes great pride on its strategic decision to bring all aspects of commercial, operational and technical ship management as well as for futures and physical trading, in order to improve overall performance and operational efficiency.We are constantly reviewing, enhancing and further developing our trading and ship management protocols, providing a scalable platform to support future growth, while maintaining quality, safety and reliability throughout the entire process and spectrum of operations. Among other points this includes improving transparency in ship management to attract and manage additional third-party vessels under various conditions.



Our experienced ship management teamcontinues to improve its general operations and flexibility, optimizing utilization of resources and managing quality control.

With persistent dedication to detail and safety, accompanied by the correct implementation, reflects the core backbone of our cooperative owners and operators, adding value through service, foresight and efficiency to our clients and shareholders alike. It represents the very identity of VST’s vision to conductoperations with the highest of integrity, professionalism and business ethics.

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Our competent and experienced personnel, is our most valuable asset, and through our management team, individual departments and staff, to our technical operations, chartering, outside consultation and strategic partners that guarantees our commercial and quality assurance. We at VST, strongly believe that, the strongest investment we can make, is in the very people we employ and cooperate with.

In addition our management team and staff have academic and technical experience on a vast level of shipping and trading,ranging from office and legal support to on-ground and off-shore cargo operations and shipping activities. Superior technical know-how andextensive knowledge and understanding of the markets and sectors in which we operate and defines the very name of our company, which ensures high quality and consciousness in every operation no matter how large or small. These very important characteristics and traits, allow our experienced management, trading, operations and chartering team’s, to operate cargoes and vessels across various and diverse markets, and allows us to best identify and follow the continuous changes in the market fluctuation and activity.
VST’s board members, management and personnel have existing strong relationships with industrial partners, producers, suppliers, end-users/receivers, banks, investors, shipyards, port agents, charterers, trading companies and strategic parties, which are firmly established and increasing every day. These professional relationships, which are based on commitment and trust that VST has developed throughout the years andour fully transparent philosophy at operational level, make VST a top competitor, capable of managing with high success its own operations, as well as its customers and third party vessels/assets.

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